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Hears to Healthy Hearing in the New Year!

At the start of a new year, we often reflect on improvements we wish to create in our own lives and for most of us, this includes health. So why not take a serious look at your hearing this year?

Have a regular hearing check-up:

Most people have their eyes routinely tested but sadly forget about their ears. As we get older, this is even more important. Hearing loss tends to creep upon us in tiny increments so that we often remain unaware. The benefits of treating hearing loss early, holds true as for all medical conditions and therefore the aim should be to catch it early. Dementia is proven to be linked to untreated hearing loss which makes it even more important to keep a record of your hearing.

Protect your hearing:

Listening to loud music through headphones, poses real danger for damaging hearing. This is especially true for insert headphones. Make sure you’re listening at safe levels (iPhones give a danger alert onscreen when it gets too loud). Over-the-ear headphones with noise cancelling technology is the better choice if you prefer to use headphones.

If you’re a hearing aid user, make sure your hearing aids are performing to their best:

Having your car serviced is a no brainer for longevity and performance, so is the case for hearing aids. In addition to daily check-ups, like wiping debris off and checking for wax blockages, a full service by your hearing care professional once a year is essential. Specialist dry-kits to reduce moisture build-up and may prolong the performance of hearing aids. Some electronic versions of these kits offers a UV cleaning setting too.

Get your ears sparkling clean:

If you suffer with regular earwax build-up, don’t delay getting it cleaned out. The preferred method for ear wax removal is micro-suction. With this procedure, ear wax are gently sucked out of the ear canal with medical-graded suction devices with excellent view of the ear canal via an ENT microscope. It is safe, relatively fast with no water-mess like traditional ear irrigation.

Please contact Farnham Hearing if you would like to book an appointment or need more advice to prioritise your hearing this year.

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