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About Farnham Hearing


Farnham Hearing is an independent Audiology practice where modern Audiological Science meets high quality, personal care.  Apart from offering the latest hearing technology and evidence-based outcomes, it is our bespoke personal service that truly sets us apart from other hearing aid dispensers. 
We offer consultations at four private hospitals in Farnham, Frimley, Epsom and North Cheam.

Why Choose Us?



We hand-pick a range of high quality instruments from various world renowned manufacturers

As an independent provider, our hearing aid portfolio comprises a careful selection of the best hearing aid technology available on the market today.


Our recommendations are based exclusively on the needs of each client. When we recommend a hearing aid, it is because we truly believe that it’s the most suitable product for the particular type of hearing loss and unique requirements of the patient.

Scientific Procedures

Our test and fitting procedures tick all the best practice boxes

All hearing assessments and fitting procedures for Farnham Hearing are carried out to the standards for practice for Audiological procedures as set out by the British Society of Audiology.


Hearing assessments comprise of an extensive battery of tests over and above typical air and bone conduction, and includes speech audiometry and hearing-in-noise assessments. These tests enable us to build unique hearing profile and requirements for each patient.


Our fitting procedures are verified by real-ear measurements ensuring outcome-based, successful results. Live speech mapping is often performed to demonstrate the amplification in the patient’s ear and will illustrate the benefit of the instruments to you and your family.

Clinical Expertise

We are proud to be qualified as both Audiological Scientists and Hearing Aid Dispensers

As a client of Farnham Hearing, you will benefit from the wealth of expertise of dually qualified Audiologists. We are both Clinical Scientists and Registered Hearing Aid Dispensers. We are also members of the British Society of Audiology and are in a constant process of enhancing our clinical practice.


We truly like to help people and understand the far-reaching effects of hearing loss to an individual

We provide a comprehensive, client-centred model of hearing care and rehabilitation. We firmly believe that the bio-psycho-social approach to Audiological healthcare is critical to facilitate successful patient outcomes.


We work hard to determine each client’s unique Audiological needs and personal requirements and spend substantial time to facilitate joint goal setting and establish aural management strategies based on each client’s individual requirements.


We have the flexibility to look at an array of great technologies on the market and tailor the need of the patient with the appropriate system, instead of fitting a patient to an available system with limited results.

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