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What we do

At Farnham Hearing we specialise in all aspects of hearing to enhance your communication in everyday life.  We provide in depth hearing assessments, solutions for your individual hearing needs from a range of manufacturers, train your brain to hear better and supply custom-made protection for all types of lifestyle choices.

We devote ourselves to delivering an outstanding service that is personal and taylor made.

Hearing Tests

To get an accurate hearing profile you need several measurements. Just as having a tailored suit made, requires multiple accurate measurements so to an exact hearing profile requires a battery of tests.

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We are experts in the diagnosis and management of Tinntus. See our dedicated Tinnitus section for more information

Ear Wax Removal & Microsuction

5 Star Rated Service by an HCPC registered audiologist. State Of The Art Equipment used for safe removal of ear wax via microsuction.

Private Hearing Aids

We are proud to be completely independent and specialises in the selection and fitting of the most suitable private hearing aid to best match for your specific requirements. ​ We supply an aray of distinguished hearing aids including Oticon, Widex, Phonak, Unitron, Starkey and Sivantos

Hearing noise protection

Hearing noise protection refers to measures taken to prevent damage to the ears and hearing loss from exposure to loud noises.

Hearing Brain Training

Farnham Hearing is a qualified provider of LACE training. Any person who has difficulty with hearing can benefit from this traning, regardless if they have hearing aids or not.

Medicolegal Audiometry

This full hearing assessment takes an hour to complete and then the explanation of the results and recommendations usually takes another half an hour. Fortunately by the end of it, you will have a clear, complete understanding of your hearing, what and why we have made the recommendations we have and what exactly your journey toward better hearing will entail (your Plan for Better Hearing).



We believe a box standard audiogram like the ones you get on the High Street, is inadequate and NOT best practice when aiming to improve hearing! It is could be compared to only measuring a person’s hight and weight and then proceeding to sew a so called tailored suit!

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